Dec 7, 2010

The Choices that We Make

People make choices in life. We all do. We all have to. We make choices on how we want to live our life, on how we should, and what we will do to make both meet. And the most important of all is deciding the path of your journey.

Three years ago, asking me the question of where I would want to be, 10-20 years from that time, will leave me blank and fumbling for answers that I don’t have at the moment. Being blessed with enough resources to enable me to explore a world outside my comfort zone changes on how I see life.

Three years is all it got me to jumpstart an infinite journey. Three years is all it takes to make me realize that there is a whole wide world beyond my own, and that three years fueled my need to go outside and explore.

Now, if you would ask me the same question. Where do you want to be in the next 10-20 years…I would never hesitate to tell you.

I want to be found outside, exploring, inhaling foreign air, eating the world away, chasing my dreams that was the outdoors.

Belated 3rd year of outdoor life for me.

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