Dec 14, 2010

Halloween Climb: Mt. Kalatungan Traverse

 This climb had been a long way in the making. During our descent from the Mt. Kitanglad-Dulangdulang climb, our 3-man climb party spotted this another majestic mountain range just the opposite side of where we had been. We were told it is the Mt. Kalatungan Range. 

We told ourselves that we will visit Bukidnon again, perhaps before the year ends, to climb this imposing range. We manage to have a 7-man team,  3 of which were climb guests from Bukidnon proper.

October 28-31, 2010
Entry: Brgy. Mendis, Pangantucan Bukidnon
Exit: Brgy. Miarayon, Talakag Bukidnon.

Day 0 October 28, 2010

0850 ETD NAIA 3 (delayed flight)
1010  ETA Lumbia Airport
1115   ETA Agora Bus Terminal
1200 ETD via Valencia-bound bus (Malaybalay)
1325  ETA Manolo Fortich
1430 ETA Malaybalay Terminal, wait for others
1555  ETD to Valencia via rented multicab
1640 ETA Valencia, Bukidnon. Wait bus bound for Wao.
1715  ETD via Wao-bound bus (Pangantucan)
1850 ETA Pangantucan, Bukidnon bus terminal
1915  Proceed to DENR, 5 minutes away via habal/service vehicle
2200 Lights off

Day 1 October 29, 2010
0430 Wake-up call, prepare breakfast & packed lunch, breakcamp
0550 ETD to Brgy. Mendis, Pangantucan
0610 ETA Brgy. Mendis, register and secure guide
0720 Start trek
0750 ETA small creek with bamboo bridge
1145 Lunch along trail (bird’s trap)
1230 Resume trek
1300 ETA start of open ridge trail
1645 ETA campsite (6-7 tents, watersource)
1900 Lights off

Day 2 October 30, 2010
0500 Wakeup call, prepare breakfast & packed lunch, breakcamp
0715 Start trek
0945 ETA Junction, leave backpacks, start assault
1010 ETA Mt. Kalatungan summit
1110 Start descent
1125 ETA Junction, lunch
1225 Start descent
1345 ETA Camp 2, rest (watersource)
1400 Resume trek
1615 ETA Macaupao Peak (Mt. Wiji) summit, photoops
1650 Resume trek via ridging
1820 ETA e-campsite inside mossy forest (no watersource)
1930 Lights off

Day 3 October 31, 2010

0530 Wakeup call, cook breakfast & packed lunch, breakcamp
0820 Start trek, passing by burnt trees and several peaks (3-4 in my counting)
1400 ETA open trail with house and shed, with fantastic view of Talakag
1445 Resume descent via mountain farm and open grass trail
1545 ETA rough road trail, hitch a ride to Lapoc, and walk to Miarayon
1630 ETA Miarayon, Talakag Bukidnon
1745 ETD Miarayon, via rented habal, passing by Kibanggay and Lantapan
2120 ETA Aglayan, rest, dinner, settle expenses
2230 Wait for bus to Malaybalay 

Day 4 November 1, 2010
Camiguin Island

Day 5 November 2, 2010
Flight back to Manila

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