Dec 25, 2010

Travel Plan: JANUARY 2011

This year I hope that my travels will all be fruitful sans ire and aggravation from the tourism mindset of the locals. To start the year, I plan to spend my weekends on the following destinations:

Mt. Banoi
This is merely a daytrip, exploration style since I don't plan to have a guide other than my research and tips from friends who have been there. I was told that it is safe to climb solo here. This is one of the several peaks in Batangas area.

Mt. Cinco Picos 
A friend invited me to join their January climb which was organized by another acquaintance. It had been long since I have set foot on Central Luzon's magnificent trio, my first being Mt. Tapulao circa October 2009. We will be joined by another group of friends, the Piknikers Mountaineers who was invited by another participant. This mountain has a reputation for having a scorching trail, and with that in mind I will rely on my trustworthy umbrella to get me through the hike.

Mt. Lantoy 
Situated in Argao and near my family's hometown of Dalaguete in Cebu, I will try to scale this lesser known peak and try to visit the famous cave in the vicinity. Afterwhich I will spend the night on my aunts house less than an hour away from the area. Might enjoy the magnificent Argao beach beforehand though. 

Mt. Manunggal
Last August I scaled my first Visayan mountain, Osmena Peak - the highest in all Cebu islands. Included in my itinerary last August 2010 is the ascent to Mt. Manunggal. Unforseen circumstances led me to postpone the climb and have it in my unfinished business list. When presented with chance to reroute my supposed plane ride to Bicol, I exploited the opportunity to bag this peak once and for all. This is my third plan to climb this, the first being my cancelled Cebu trip last January 2009.

I hope to make good to my climb plan. Keeping my fingers crossed... and knees in shape.

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