Jan 10, 2011

How Do You Connect the Connecting Flights???

Parang inception lang.... kaloka!

Back in August 2010, I came upon this tempting seatsale from AirPhil, the walang customer service na air carrier. I booked flights to Naga for my planned January 2011 climb, and paid less than 150php all-in, each way. The cheap fare I saw was for connecting flights, and I toyed with the idea of undergoing the connecting flight experience for the first time. The flight that I got were as follows:

Original outbound: Manila to Cebu + Cebu to Naga, 2 flights - one airbus and one turboprop
Original inbound: Naga to Cebu + Cebu to Manila, 2 flights - one turboprop and one airbus

Change of heart prompted me to divert my climb to my family's hometown of Cebu. So I called their customer support (who will answer an hour at minimum of being on hold) a few times to make sure that it is permitted, me cutting trips. When I called earlier today, I got confused, and the customer support as well. There seemed to be a lot of flight changes that happened without me knowing it! When the smoke cleared, we were able to sum up my new itinerary as follows:

Revised outbound: Manila to Cebu + [Cebu to Manila + Manila to Naga], 3 flights - all airbus
Revised inbound: [Naga to Manila +Manila to Cebu] + Cebu to Manila, 3 flights - all airbus

Turns out, the turboprop connecting flight bothways was replaced by two airbus connecting flights. Had I been game enough with so much time to waste, I would literally play along with this. I mean it's not everyday that you get to ride 6 flights for a roundtrip destination only. Right?

Ang gulo nila! Hahaha...

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