Jan 6, 2011

Lonely Planet Philippines: Modern Baedeker with Local Flavor

I was in Powerbooks today, passing time reading travel magazines when a friend texted me. She is going my way, and she was asking for the price of Lonely Planet Philippines. I saw a Lonely Planet mag in front of me and thought this must be it. Php 250.00, I texted her. She didn't believe me for it costed more, as she said.

I want! I do not want!

So when she arrived at the bookstore, she showed me it. Wow, the book costs php1,300.00! I browsed between pages to see if the content is really worth that much. 

Yep, the contents are well worth it alright. I got curious as to the author, and found that it was a compilation from 6 or 7 different foreign travelers who went here in the Philippines. It made me sad the fact that we Filipinos didn't come up with books like this or better... since we know our country well than those foreigners? Or do we?

Some of the comments on the places to stay and dine are amusing and witty, although with the places that I have been to already I noticed that some infos are missing for the places to dine and stay. And mostly, the indicated price of transport and accomodation there seems to be the rate for foreigners. The content is very detailed but not that comprehensive, just enough guide for foreign backpackers going to the Philippines whom had lots of dough to spare.

106 maps...giddy!

What I really like about the book is how organized it is, information are arranged from northern to southern destinations. Also, there are maps! Yes a map for each place! What I cannot find in the internet, I find in this holy piece of book!  I am definitely going to borrow it if I can't buy one. Lols.

Powerbooks-Powerplant is on sale, and my friend got the book for 20% off or php1,040.00. Still a lot of money, but if you have some to spare, this book is a very good investment for your future travels.

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