Jan 16, 2011

My Backpack Family

Well not all of them are backpacks but I collectively refer to them as such since... well they are a family. I promised myself that my Deuter ACTLite 35+10 will be the last, and I would go on backpack family planning, lols. But then I was so wrong. Meet the family:

Conner, Sped, JR, and Mon (first family)



They will be expecting another family member, once I get some extra cash I will buy an assault pack. I am eyeing Deuter Wizard, which I will name Izzy. Izzy's a guy, in case you are wondering. All of them are.


  1. congratulations on winning nina's contest :-)

  2. Thanks flip! I am really giddy about the goodies, and the fact that it is my first time to win an online raffle contest! yay! I enjoyed the video part where I needed help from a friend to guess the song title. Hihihi.