Jan 4, 2011

Outdoor Bucketlist for 2011 Onwards

The past years have been full of hold-backs for me. The great outdoors promised rush of adrenaline, promises of which I ignored on my countless out-of-town trips because I wanted to focus my time and resources to my mountaineering activities. Concluding the year 2010 with no bigbang year-end climb, it made me reconsider what I really want to get from Mother Nature.

In response to that reflection I have listed the outdoor activities that I wanted to try this year, and in the coming years ahead. I might not be able to do them all at once, but I got the patience to wait for the proper time and place for each of them. And they are listed in a particular order, from the easiest to grab and do to the most nearly-out-of-the-question-but-still-I-will-try list.

1. Run a full marathon (and actually be included in top 10)
2. Learn to swim (in a pool only)
3. Snorkle (perfect for the Bora trip) 
4. Rappel
5. Rock-climb (with no harness)
6. Zipline 
7. Wakeboarding (might turn to surfing)
8. Ride an ATV
9. Ride a jetski
10. Be in a parachute while being dragged by a motorboat.
11. Caving (in Vietnam)
12. Kayaking
13. White-water rafting (want to reach level 5)
14. Bungee jump
15. Paraglide
16. Sky-dive (in South Africa)

Lols, some of the phrases in the parentheses made it almost farfetched. Well, I also envy those people who get to swim with the dolphins or the whale sharks. But that is still far for me, until I learn to swim.

Still hopeful to cross-out one or two before this year 2011 ends, technically almost 12 more months to go.

Edit to add:
1. Ride up a hot air balloon!
2. Fly in a 2-seater plane.
3. Sandsurf in Ilocos Norte.

UPDATE (1/2/12):
1. RAPPEL - had a half-hearted attempt to do a jump... managed twice on a very humiliating manner
2. ROCK CLIMB - did a rockclimb in Atimonan, with harness and very much unsuccessful
3. ZIPLINE - I zipped my way in Mt. Manunggal area... with my heart skipping a beat
4. RIDE an ATV - well I rode an ATV in Mt. Mayapay for the sake of the photo ops, I was offered for a free ride but I declined.
5. FLY IN A 2-SEATER PLANE - I rode a 6-seater plane from Itbayat to Basco Batanes. Not even close to being the pilot.

I will do better this year! =)


  1. Climb Mt. Babag and eat milled corn with me cooked inside a bamboo. :-)

  2. Sir, I can't help but notice your posts in Multiply about your Mt. Babag and Napo tales. It gets me curious about the location. Turns out you're from Cebu right? I will be in Argao and Mt. Manunggal this January 28-31. Hope to meet you along the way.

    I have an aunt in Dalaguete, I will stay there for a night. :)

  3. Re number 11, did you happen to have Son Doong, the biggest cave in the world, in mind? If you do go within the next two years, let me know please. I'd like to go too :)

  4. Hi Aleah,

    What is your location? Lols, I have no real experience with caving, I've only been to the very "park" like Callao Caves.

    I've heard there are lots of good caves in Samar, maybe we can start there, then Vietnam for 2012? Yey yey!

  5. Yes to Samar! I'm a solitary wanderer myself but there *are* trips where you have to go with a group, and caving is one :) I've only been to the Sagada and Siquijor caves; been dreaming of the Samar ones. Go lets, this year? Can't na in Feb (am going to Cagbalete) and March (to Beijing), but maybe this summer? For my email add, please check out the About Me section in my running blog :)

  6. Even to Sagada caves I've never been to! Hahaha. Trexplore is an outdoor tour club operating in Calbiga Caves I think. I have a flight to Catarman on July, but it is only for a day since I availed it on zero fare, and have no plans but to do city tour that time I booked it.

    Let's wait for a seatsale, lol. I can afford my trips only because of those darn cheap fares.

  7. Hello! Nice list! Although, I'd agree with backPackingSheet. You should try Calbiga Caves, it's rough and nothing tourist-y compared with those in Sagada. Great bumping into your blog from Nina's!

  8. Hi Faith, thanks for dropping by. I've been eyeing Calbiga caves for quite a while now but I haven't had the resources yet. They offer cheap cave exploration packages there, right? I've never been to Samar and Leyte islands, and it will be one of my top destination there if ever.

    Aleah here also wants to try Samar caves.