Jan 16, 2011

Route Recon: Condura Skyway Marathon 10k

January 16, 2011
Ayala-Osmena HW- Buendia- EDSA-Kalayaan-BGC

Actually I should put as description to this post... "Legaspi Sunday Market to Mercato Centrale traverse". Lols. 

Recon - (short for reconnaissance) a mountaineering term used to describe an act of climbing a mountain by an advanced party to assess the trail and take note of water source, campsite capacity. logistics etc. to help plan the group climb. This is usually composed of a few individuals to facilitate the activity, usually a week or more before the actual climb.

I am not a runner, not a novice even. Simply because... I cannot run. When I was young, I run in every opportunity I can. I love racing with friends. As one grows older (yuch the term!)... it is unavoidable that health concerns get in the way we enjoy life. I am no exception.

I have gained more than the healthy amount of pounds to weigh more than the normal with my height. It put a lot of strain to my shins who supports my full weight when I run. Hence... every time I run, in a few steps, 3 to the max, I start to feel that burning sensation in my shin bone, threatening to break with the continous pressure. So I stopped running and turned into mountaineering instead, which requires slow-paced walking. 

Know your adversary. One of the few gems that I am trying to live by that's why I did a recon of the route To gain assurance that the distance is within my capacity. For quite some time now a friend (special mention Dahlia) and I have been discussing this upcoming Condura run nonstop. We are a bit giddy for  our first run, and we were ambitious enough to try our maiden run @10k. Good luck with that. So I concluded after the botched jog with my mother that I cannot run... I hatched a plan. 

I will register on the last day, to be certain of my capacity during the run. I cannot sign in for 3k when I have hopes of doing better. So I studied the trail map for 10k and resolved to do a walkathon on the actual route. I want to get the feel of the trail distance.

I hopped on a jeepney bound for Ayala and alighted at Insular Building. I crossed the street and assumed that the route is along Herrera St. so I turned around the corner. As I was walking on... I felt some burning sensation in my toes. Ingrown nail. And paltos. This early in my walk. BTW it is already past 7am.

Legaspi Sunday Market

I decided to have breakfast at Legaspi Sunday Market. I have been meaning to drop by here for quite some time now. I expected more out of it so I was a tad bit disappointed with the goods being sold and the attitude of the seller, especially when they don't have change for your cash.

perfect heavy breakfast for night shifts

lumpiang ubud, okoy (daw) and rice

I decided to have a semi-hearty meal, I don't want to feel hungry while walking. I didn't eat it all, just ate a spoonful of rice, finished the lumpia and ate half of the okoy daw (it's just alamang, I know what an okoy is). I went to the nearest 7-11 after I ate. I bought a toenail clipper to address my problem of ingrown toenail.

When I started the walk, around 8am, the streets are unbelievably quiet, peaceful and serene.

wow noh?

mile long thx: trail is perpendicular to this street

skyway... right?
Somewhere along the way I think I got lost. Lols. I have to walk a few meters to reach this street. I looked on and thought that maybe there isn't a PedXing if I walked on Osmena HW southbound so I decided to cross the streets and head to Buendia.

Osmena HW? hehe. I am getting lost.

I mean... wow! no vehicles at all!

Buendia Ave.

Zuellig Loop

Suddenly I love Sunday mornings!

7-11 purchases

yay! paa ng bundokera...

After I took care of my ingrown toenail with the clipper, the paltos subsists. I have tried many ways to prevent my stubby toes from rubbing into each other... like wrapping them in paper (receipt..lol), in dried leaves (more lol!)... until I can't endure it so I have to buy a paper tape.
After taping my toes... ah! Bliss! It also provides much needed support. Now those 2 are more comfortable than the rest of my toes because of the added support. I plan to try to wrap them all in paper tape and see what happens. My shins too! It may work!

my worn out 4 year old shoe: lightest brand daw

edsa flyover na.

walking along EDSA is quite scary

I tried asking for permission to pass through Forbes Park but I was denied entrance. As I was walking along EDSA in fear...lol, two mountain biker passed me by. When they were a bit far from me, the legs of the lead cyclist reminded me of someone. The shirt looked familiar too. Oh well.

nearing BGC at last!

there's Mercato Centrale! And a cat on the road.

mercato finally! but I can't seem to find Marie

Yoh-gee Lychee frozen yoghurt @ php60

I intend to have an early lunch since I was a bit starving already. I tried to find Marie, my former officemate who is selling vegan stuff in Mercato Centrale. Oh well I cannot find her. The food here are quite expensive, and they are a bit heavy like steak, burrito and stuff. I was looking for something cheap and light. I left the tent busy with my frozen yoghurt find. This Yoh-gee is quite so and so, and honestly if I ever have php60.00 again to spend on yoghurt, I would happily expedite on Yogi and Larry's make your own yoghurt. Their lychee variety, plain as it is and without toppings, is bursting with flavors. Outside the tent I finished my cup sitting in one corner when a lady, I presume one of the owner of a stall there (I suspect she owns Yoh-Gee), called out on me and said that I got quite a corner to enjoy my yoghurt. I just returned her smiles.

I walked on to going to Market Market. Passing by Serendra, at past 10am, it was astonishing really to find it almost empty.

serendra rotunda

baked ziti with white sauce (php99) and lemonade (php42)

I decided to carbo load at Sbarro. I want to eat pizza and pasta, but seeing the serving size of half a pasta, I just have to forego the pizza. Their garlic bread is amazing, and I was glad to have found out that they are selling it separately for php15.00 a piece. It is quite a steal so I ordered 3 bread to go. Before I finished my meal.... I could hear something in my stomach. It made me reminisce the same reaction I got from my stomach the last time I ate at a Sbarro store. I never learned.

I intended to walk home, since I am not that tired yet (yabang, hehe). But my stomach just won't let me soI took public commute to Guada market, then another jeepney on my way home.

stubby toes and fat flat feet

 I can always count on my endurance, but never my physical abilities.  I am not bragging but I have not sweated in this walk like I sweat when I do mountain climbing. This walk never tired me even to the half of the strain from mountain climbing. But I am more definite that I can climb Mt. Apo than actually successfully run a 3k continously.

All in all, I finished the 10k (more like 9k since I cheated) in 1hour and 50 minutes walk, with several long stops. I hope I could improve before the deadline for registration so that I can take on the 10k as my first run, and finish it within a decent amount of time.


  1. You need more long walks (and actually runs as well) to complete a 10k well, but that's a really nice start. Keep it up, and good luck sa Condura!

  2. Aw, so sad mejo nawala na yung enthusiasm ko to run. Paano na ang marathon ko! Super loong way pa!

    Thanks, I really love to walk. It is actually my first love, kaya super enjoy ako sa mountaineering na walking distance lang. Hehe. Masarap magtrek dun sa patag tapos puro pines. Baguio, istatyu? =P

    Konti lang kasi resources ko and I decide to devote it to pamumundok muna. pero hindi pa naman totally give up. Hope to see you in one of your runs. Start muna ako sa 5k just to experience yung fun part of it. Siguro mageenjoy ako sa walkathon hehe.

  3. Di na ako tutuloy sa Condura but might take part sa ibang run some other time, under 5k nga lang muna.

  4. That's a better start. If you wanted to finished that event without a stop. Just try to join every event like this sooner or later you'll gonna make it. :D