Mar 17, 2011

SUNKISSED: Protect Yourself from the Summer Sun

my new climb and travel buddies

Yay! It’s been just 2 outdoor trips and I am already toasted to perfection! As of writing this I am still suffering from the sunburn I got from Mt. Balagbag hike. Mind you I was donning an umbrella that time. The sun’s really that cruel these days. You have to pay the price for getting too close to the sun.

Sunburn is a consequence of not using enough sun protection… or not using one at all. In most of my high altitude climbs (even on rainy season), sunburn is something that I have to deal with after a day or two of getting back to my normal routines. Why? I don’t use sun protection. I tried using Vaseline’s sunscreen SPF 30, but I gave away the half-full bottle… dissatisfied.

look at that espasol: dinaan sa polbo

Given the fact that it’s just the start of summer for me, and there are many outdoor activities marking my summer calendar… I have no choice but to use sun protection. So I asked opinions about good sunscreen. My friend recommended Neutrogena. Upon checking it out I found it too pricey for my requirements.

I have an upcoming outdoor activity this weekend so I decided to buy sunscreen supply for my summer this year. My weapons of choice are:

for the fez

BEACH HUT FOR FACE with SPF 65 75ml. (Php 399.00)

The product says that it is...
- hypoallergenic
- ultra sheer lotion
- no sting to the eyes

What saddens me is that it doesn't say that it's water proof... or water resistant to the least. Moreover, it also did not indicate the lasting power of the SPF. Pffftttt!

for teh booodeh!

BANANA BOAT SPORT SUNSCREEN with SPF 50 90ml. (Php285.00)

The product says it is...
- with AVO Triplex
- (has) SPF UVB
- (has) high UVA protection
- sun tested, sun proven
- non-clogging to the pores
- sheer
- lightweight
- very water resistant

It just states that it provides long-lasting sun protection. But... it has a caveat on the directions for use. AVOID PROLONGED SUN EXPOSURE. As it that's possible with hiking.

During my sunblock-hunting I found this....

SPF 100!!! Amazing noh?

Nivea is also a conservative option but I am not comfortable with the feel of the thick lotion. Plus  it irritates the eyes.

I also find Hawaiian Tropics and Coppertone to be pricey. When I run out of supply before summer ends, I'll try to buy the more expensive one from VAV.  For now I'll settle with the basics, the ones that I could afford (though unwillingly).

Up next I'll buy an after sun gel (next payday), I could only imagine how it would feel to pamper your sunkissed skin with those cooling gels.

PS: I already used the Muji liquid container I've won from Nina of's contest. Thanks Nina! I never knew that the containers will come in handy sooner than expected.


  1. Hi,

    Please, can you provide a feedback on how well the Beach hut SPF 100 did?

    Thank you.

  2. I never bought the SPF100. I purchased the one for the face with SPF65.

    My face is still darkened after the hike @ 2642 meters above sea level. But, it is not as dark as it was when I don't use a sunblock. My face is also peeling, I don't know if this is a carry-over of the after effect of not using a sunblock last last week.

    Beach Hut for the face has a great smell. It didn't sting my eyes.