Jun 25, 2011

The Day I Won a CEBPAC In-Flight Game

Who doesn’t love contests, especially when you are bored and is expecting a long flight ahead? Not me for sure because I breathed competition most of my life. Today I won something from CebPac.

I was busily browsing the inflight magazine of CebPac (SMILE) on my way back to Manila from Iloilo when a deep voice in the background announced an onboard contest. Enroute to the home of Dinagyang fest a few days back, I was also on board a flight which holds the same contest with the same quiz category… World Currency. I silently whispered answers the first time while I was busy glancing outside the windows/spotting islands down below….and browsing the mag.

This particular flight, the quiz marshall was at the tail of the plane. I saw the prize and from then I knew that it had to be mine. Yes you guess that right….an orange something. It just caught my eye and I never cared what it’s for as long as I’m going to have it. Lols.

They started off by asking the currency of Hongkong. I was a bit reluctant to raise my hand since I am unsure of my answer of “HKD”. A guy a few rows from me got the answer correct. The flight attendant gave him the blue something for the prize. Ok I still got chance.

I started summoning all the currencies that I know. But one got stuck inside my head…and I concentrated on it. Thailand. I am trying to send brainwaves to the “quiz master”. He then told us to get ready for the next question.

What is the currency for…. THAILAND? Ok this is my shining moment. When I heard him pronounce the first three letters (yes, not yet that “ay” sound in Thai)… I aggressively raised my hand as I looked the attendant eye to eye as if threatening her to choose me.

BAHT. Ok I got it right. She unwillingly handed me down my prize. And I happily kept the orange thing with me till I got home where I unwrapped the same. It was just a box. But it’s orange. So still yay for me!

I was glad that Cebpac resumed their inflight games. But then it must be because of the anticipated delay. Pakunswelo ika nga. I do hope they’ll return the free on board meals…if this is not too much asking.


  1. that's a nice box, nonetheless. :)

  2. hehe thanks. i have no use for it. it gets prettier in my eyes over time. =D

  3. That's weird. Usually, boxes contain the prize, and are not the prize itself. But you won it in a weird way too so you can't complain haha