Feb 11, 2012

Mt. Kinabalu Field Report (Part 1) : FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS

T-6Hrs: I woke up late and still a bit disoriented and tired from our Company’s Christmas party the previous night, of which I went back to the office after and didn’t go home until I finished sealing the bank envelopes and drafted the corresponding transmittals. Wow. I haven’t packed yet, and some of my clothes weren’t dried up yet! So what’s new?

While gathering myself I hurriedly went to the laundry shop for their drying service. My flight is in 6 hours. And here I am begging some grumpy girls to do me some favor. After certain negotiations and exorbitant payment of Php100 for a few items they obliged and promised me that it’ll be ready in an hour.

Feb 3, 2012

Mt. Kalawitan : Itinerary and Expenses

view from the Halsema highway


Mt. Kalawitan in Sabangan, Mountain Province is listed as the 10th highest mountains in the Philippines, estimated to rise at 2,714 meters above sea level. The recorded elevation is supposedly higher than that of Mt. Amuyao, and since the measurements did not come from same altimeter/GPS then it is hard to say that it’s official.