Apr 25, 2011

IVUHOS Island: Accidental Cast-aways

Ivuhos plaza: With foolishness we dared… it’s Bakun Trio all over. =D


While waiting for the boat to Sabtang island in the Radiwan Port, our newfound friend Ingrid briefly introduced to us the wonders of Sabtang and the nearby islands. One that caught my attention is what she called the Ivuhos Island. Truth be told, I was not well-researched when it comes to Batanes as a whole. I just focused on the 3 main islands of Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat.

Apr 24, 2011

Batanes Holyweek Trip: Homeward Bound

It never occurred to me that I could lose my travel pet, stuffed toy cat while on the road. I took it for granted that he will always be there. Sadly, I lost him during my flight to Basco on that 6-seater plane.

last pictures aboard the mini-plane, before he got abandoned as I deplaned

Batanes Holyweek Trip: How We Ate Our Way Through the 7-day Stay

From the planning stage of this trip, we told ourselves that we will spend our little resources only on important expenses like transportation and fees. We agreed to dine humbly, and if manageable, cook our food. I even brought Liz’s moonwalker stove and my cookset to minimize food expenses.

table setting @ Hiro’s Cafe

Itbayat Island to Batan Island: Flying with Royal Air Services

Ok, after my barfing experience enroute to Itbayat via M/B Itransa, I promised myself that in going back to Basco our first option would be to take the 6-seater flight. There are two ways to get to the very isolated and largest of the Batanes islands, via the cruel sea and via the sky.

the 6-seater plane profile

We approached their desk at the Basco Airport upon our arrival to inquire if they can accommodate us for a flight to Itbayat on the same day. They couldn’t assure the availability of the flight for that day. We learned that they operate on a reservation basis. You have to reserve a slot and pay even though the date and time of flight is uncertain. We decided to abort the idea of flying to Itbayat, and decided to go to Sabtang in the mean time.

Apr 23, 2011

Batan Island: Marcial Carillo's Lugawan

After touching down at Basco Airport in Batan island one fine Sunday morning of April 17th, I was more than famished but we prioritized searching for stores that sell butane gas. Sad to say that they only have lighter fluids in Basco.

We doubled the task by looking for potential eats before heading out to Ivana for the boat ride to Sabtang island. We arrived at the airport a little to 8am, and my last nom was more than 3 hours ago. We passed by the green establishment with curtains on the way to the corner of National Road and Abad St., and while waiting for the jeep we decided to fill our tummy first.

at talagang may logo si Kuya, hahaha.

Batan Island: Best Ice Cream Ever

durty ice cream @ the Radiwan port in Ivana. 10php per creamy goodness

... better-tasting than your supermarket premium ice cream. =D


Mt. Korobonan, Batanes... check!

highest point in Itbayat island of Batanes, and rising @ 278masl, Mt. Ripused came second.

@ the viewdeck with Ms. Mae Paner of Juana Change

my facial skintone before the iraya climb and bike tour =D


Mt. Iraya, Batanes... check!

located at Sitio Manarao, Brgy. Kayvalugan in Basco, Batanes - rising @ more than 1,000masl

3minutes away from the uber windy summit


Apr 15, 2011

Outdoor Stuff: Spice Tower

An overnight climb is a luxury for a dayhiker like me. I am not used to bringing heavy loads, and almost always I do an overnight only when (1) it is inevitable and that a dayhike is not feasible, (2) when I scheduled a picnic climb with friends.

Speaking of picnic climbs, wouldn’t it be nice to experiment with food on the outdoors? We all know that gourmet stuff is well-enjoyed in the comforts of the plains, but what about bringing good food to high altitude?

chili, pepper, paprika and salt

Apr 14, 2011

Outdoor Stuff: ORIKASO Foldable Bowl

paper flat

Every climber has their own set of mess kits. Mess kits are plates, bowls, spoon, fork, and knife and any culinary related utensil you bring in a climb. But sometimes one too many hikers are not bringing their own mess kits, and eat directly out of cooking pans. Lols.

Apr 13, 2011

Mt. Napulauan.... check!

rising @2,642MASL in Hungduan, Ifugao Province... just an overnight climb

...."climbed last March 19-20, 2011 which I trekked partly barefoot but with slippers most of the time... and incidental to the supermoon phenomenon but failed to observed it: field report to follow"


Apr 11, 2011

Itinerary: Mt. Balagbag

^^^misinformation there: balagbag is not entirely on SJDM

Jump-off points: Karahume and Licao-Licao
Estimated elevation: 600-650masl.
Estimated expenses: Around 200-300php if within Manila and EDSA accessible areas. Safe budget is 500php

Expense breakdown:
Bus to Tungko - Php60-70.00
Jeep to either Licao or Karahume - Php28.00
Registration - php5.00
Jeep back to Tungko - P28.00
Bus to EDSA - Php60-70.00

Somewhere in Bulacan and Rizal lies one of the gateway to one of the last Philippine frontier the Sierra Madre range. This open-trailed “more-of-a-hill-than-a-mountain” destination has several entry and exit points. So far I have only tried 4 of these trails which basically traces the road taken by maguulings down to Licao-licao and Karahume area.

From Guadalupe EDSA, a bus with TUNGKO signage will take you around 1-2 hour ride with the fare going between Php50-70. Alight at the gas station terminal. Walk back a few meters to reach the Licao-licao jeep terminal. There’s a nearby market where you can buy things you will need like umbrella and packed food. The jeep ride to Licao-licao terminal is 30-45minutes, costing P25-28. The fare depends on your jumpoff for the ascent, since you can opt to alight to Karahume, a few hundred meters away from the Licao-licao terminal.

There’s also a way from Rizal, as there are trips to Montalban in Licao-licao jeep terminal.

You can take a tricycle ride upto the San Isidro checkpoint for Php70 per trip. This will cut your trek time in half. There are trip schedules here, if you happen to miss the last trip, you can ride a tricycle all the way to the Tungko-Norzagaray highway.

Apr 10, 2011

Field Report: Mt. Balagbag Exploration 2009

this is the life

April 30-May 3, 2009
Original Plan: Mt. Balagbag- Sitio Inuman- Mt. Oriod
Result: Mt. Balagbag – Ipo River Exploration
Participants: Imelda Lim (Bundokaholics Anonymous), Hernan Bernaldez (Kawangis), Jose Jeffrey Mazaredo (MtalkMC)

Apr 8, 2011

Itinerary: Pantingan Peak, Bataan

I first came about this mountain destination as I hopped around the interwebs. I can remember dreaming about this peak for the longest time, going back as far as 2008. I kept copies of field reports written by UPM climbers and other narratives which concerned this mountain. I never expected that at an abrupt planning and blink of an eye I can make this happen. Indeed, one can make things happen.

that’s my dream out there:Mariveles Range as seen from Bagac side

Apr 6, 2011

Green Tips #1: On ATMs

BDO masheeeen

When using the ATM, there is an option which inquires whether you want a printed receipt. Unless you really need it, please select the “No” option which means you do not opt to have a printed receipt.

Most people unmindfully choose the “Yes” option, then discard the generated receipt to the trashcan. Such a waste of paper.

“Print only when necessary."