Dec 12, 2010

Southeast Asia's Highest

As a seasoned climber, one can't help but dream of a bigger horizon far beyond our own comfort zone. We all know that Mt. Everest is the highest in the world as of today, but do you know the highest mountains in your region? Here is a list of the highest mountains in the Southeast Asia as per Wikipedia.

11. Singapore: Bukit Timah (163.6 MASL)

Bukit Timah Hill

10. Cambodia - Phnom Aural (1813 MASL) 

Phnom Aural - Cardamom Mountains

 9. Brunei: Bukit Pagon (1850 MASL)

Hmmm... not that high noh?

8.  Thailand: Mt. Doi Inthanon (2565 MASL)

Doi Inthanon National Park

7. Laos: Mt. Phou Bia (2,819 MASL)

Mt. Phou Bia in Annamese Cordillera

6. Philippines: Mt. Apo (2,954 MASL)

His majesty

5. Timor-Leste: Mt. Ramelau (2,963 MASL)

Jagged peak

 4. Vietnam: Mt. Fansipan (3,143 MASL)

above clouds

3. Malaysia: Kota Kinabalu (4,093 MASL)

Low's Peak

2. Indonesia: Puncak Jaya (4,884 MASL)

Puncak Jaya in Papua New Guinea

1. Burma: Hkakabo Razi (5,881 MASL)

So high it got snow

 I had climbed only one of these wonders. Hopefully, another next year. You, how many of these peaks have you bagged already?

Picture credit: Various internet sites

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