Aug 30, 2011

My Backpacks....Hanging Out.

Itinerary: Mt. Kalatungan Traverse (New Eden - Pigtauranan)

During our Mt. Kalatungan climb last October 2010, we were told that we’re a few days late from a climb event. I was handed out a flyer by Mr. Ver Alima, the Mt. Kalatungan Park Superintendent and was encouraged to do the same trail. But since we were resolved to do the reverse traverse of Pangantucan-Talakag route, I promised him that I will return for this trail and that I will share this information to other aspiring Mt. Kalatungan climbers.

Aug 20, 2011

Itinerary: Mt. Amuyao (Barlig-Barlig)

It was supposed to be a very nice, long weekend. But thanks to Typhoon Mina, it was devastation for our countrymen up north, and botched vacation plans for most. Though this climb was conceptualized in less than a month before the actual trip, we were almost prepared for this...cancellation was a bit disheartening. I originally intended to do a backtrail chillax climb, whilst my companion will pursue a traverse. Here is a sample IT of my botched trip (I will post on a separate entry the traverse itinerary).

August 26-29, 2011

Day 0 Friday
1930 Meetup at Cable Bus terminal (near St. Lukes in Cubao, QC)
2030 ETD Cubao to Bontoc

Day 1 Saturday
0800 ETA Talubin junction, wait for jeep
0900 ETD for Barlig
1100 ETA Barlig, rest, quick lunch, secure guide
1200 Start trek of Monkelat trail
1500 ETA Mt. Polis summit
1630 ETA Barlig viewpoint
1800 ETA Mt. Amuyao summit, prepare dinner
2300 Lights off

1. Awa rice field
2. Stairway to Mt. Alemmona (1800masl)
3. Stairway to Mt. Polis (2000masl)
4. Mossy forest to Lifod/Tochor
5. Barlig Viewpoint at 2200masl
6. Mossy forest leading to Amuyao Knife Edge

Reverse IT

Day 2 Sunday
0600 Wakeup call, cook breakfast
0700 Breakfast, explore area, laze around
1100 Cook lunch
1200 Lunch, rest afterwards, explore the area
1300 Socials to sawa
1700 Prepare dinner
1800 Dinner
1900 Socials ulit
2300 Lights off

Day 3 Monday
0530 Wakeup call, cook breakfast and packed lunch
0600 Breakfast and breakcamp
0700 Start trek
1200 ETA Barlig, lunch and washup
1330 ETD Barlig to Talubin junction
1530 ETA Talubin junction
1545 ETD Talubin to Manila via Cable Bus Tours

Day 4 Tuesday
0300 ETA Manila

Aug 10, 2011

Updated Traveler Status: My Lakbayan Grade is now B- !

My Lakbayan grade is B- !

Whoa! Has it been that long already? I first took my Lakbayan test last January 2011. The first time I took it I garnered a Lakbayan grade of C. Now after 7 months a few flights here, a few pennies spent there…. I am upgraded to a B-!

Here's my Lakbayan status before:

Where had I been since I took the Lakbayan test last?
1. Iloilo/Guimaras
2. Ifugao
3. Batanes
4. Cebu
5. Legazpi/Naga
6. Bacolod
7. Dumaguete
8. Tacloban/Leyte

Regretfully, these are the places that could have improved my status:
1. Catarman (July 2011)
2. Zamboanga (July 2011)
3. Tawi-tawi (July 2011)

And these are the upcoming travels that I will miss…
1. CDO/Misamis Oriental (Aug. 4, 2011)
2. North/South Cotabato (Aug. 21, 2011)

The year is still young, and there are so many places to travel to. I just wish that I can sustain this kind of lifestyle by prioritizing what matters most. Cheers to all the places that we will grace in the near future!!!

For your own Lakbayan grade, please visit:

So… how did you fare? Care to share? =D