Feb 27, 2011

THE IGBARAS TRIO: A Personal Challenge

Up north, there’s what they call the “Bakun Trio”. They are 3 notable mountains that are proximate with each other, them being Mts. Tenglawan, Kabunian and Lobo in Bakun, Benguet. Bakun Trio climb is usually done by climbing these 3 mountains successively, either by (1) dayhikes with Brgy. Poblacion as basecamp or via (2) camping on mountain grounds and traversing each mountains. You can read my Bakun Trio climb report here.

Igbaras mountain range: eastern view from Igcabugao basecamp

Feb 21, 2011

Bloody Hell! : Limatik Encounters

Most of the mountains near Metro Manila, I have already scaled. One of the few notable exceptions is Mt. Makiling in Laguna. Not so many years ago, this peak has been one of the most popular due to closure. Now that it is open to climbers, it retains its popularity due to the diversity of flora and fauna, the trail difficulty… and the notorious limatiks.

To those who haven’t met or don’t know what a limatik is, let me give you a brief description to these little monsters:

Limatik is a small and short worm-like creature that has the attributes of a leech. They have suction on both ends… one suction used to balance itself while crawling, and the other end is used to feed itself with human or animal blood.

tiger limatik of Mt. Isarog (Patag trail)

Feb 18, 2011

My "To Bring" List for a Dayhike Climb

Once you become a dayhiker, you will never go back to being a camper… for me at least. As defined before in my previous post, a dayhike for me is climbing a mountain not intending to spend the night (or sleep) in the campsite.

Almost all of my climbs I preferred to do on a dayhike. Not only does it spare me the trouble of bringing too much load for camping, it also rids the environment of that unwanted prolonged alien presence. Dayhike climbing is an excellent training for endurance.

notorious for sleeping on trail: Mt. Lobo, Bakun - mother of all dayhikes for me

Since dayhiking is not new to me, a religion in fact… I prepared a list of my most important “what-to-bring”s in a climb.

Feb 12, 2011

Field Report: Mt. Manabu - First Climb for 2011

Mt. Manabu Dayhike (4)
Sto. Tomas, Batangas
January 22, 2011
Climb participants: Me as guide and with a climb mate we can call JM

Rain…. Check.
For 2011 I have set a goal of not climbing the same mountain that I have climbed before, allocating the scarce resources to exploration of new heights. This became a disadvantage as it leaves me with very few options for a climb. So just to do an exercise hike to get the groove back (my last real climb was in Mt. Sembrano – November 2010), I invited a climb recruit to do a Mt. TALAMITAM-Mt. BATULAO double dayhike. These mountains are proximate with each other, and it presents climb economy to do two mountains in a day, even though I have been to these two quite a number of times already.

Friday night, it was raining non-stop. I failed to do some groceries as the heavy rain stopped an hour after the mall closed. No baon for me. We also agreed beforehand that if by midnight the rain is still pouring heavy, we have to have a rain check on the climb. Lols.

can i go? (no, walang bantay sa haus)

Feb 11, 2011

On Planning my Trips and Travels

How much do I have?
Not all travelers were born with silver spoon in their mouths, not a lot of spare cash even. We have to admit that this contributes a big part to the fun factor in traveling.

Before the year 2011 started, I set out in Microsoft Excel all my forecasted finances like my monthly income and monthly expenses for the year. After arriving at the budgeted spare dough and the cash level per month… then I will determine how much goes to which.

At this point, I now can allot a specific amount for travel per month, plus the fact that I can save more from my monthly food allowance since I opted to bring baon to work.

my finance forecast on a monthly basis

Neat travel accessories @ The Travel Club


I was wandering aimlessly at the mall when I found myself inside The Travel Club store. Well, not that aimlessly, since I was tasked to buy send-out gifts for a friend who will be backpacking Southeast Asia for a month. I have read blogs and had the Pacsafe camera strap in mind. So I decided to check it out. 

slr strap @ php1,250

Feb 6, 2011

BPS Lingo

Collection of witty words that I have accumulated during my climbing era, then and now. Reposted from my Multiply blog. Caveat: word definitions here are my pure opinion and does not in any way claim authority over the word or the matter. Pardon the horrible grammar, I didn't edit it to preserve spontaneity of my previous posts.


Dayhike vs. Overnight Climb
Dayhike means akyat at baba ka ng bundok without setting camp. Kahit abutin ka pa rin ng gabi, or madaling araw basta akyat at baba ka ng bundok without sleeping in the mountain (pitch tent), dayhike pa rin yun. In contrast with Overnight Climb, eto yung nagseset ng camp at nagpapahinga ng matagal bago bumaba. Pero kung nagset ka ng camp, nagsocials tapos walang tulugan kasi naghintay ng sunrise.... ito ba ay dayhike?

Daytrek vs. Nighttrek
Daytrek is walking up or down a mountain with the aid of sunlight, or anytime na hindi pa nagdidilim. Kung ikaw ay aakyat ng gabi.... ito ay tinatawag na Nighttrek. Kung aakyat ka ng gabi na kasama mo si Sunshine.... daytrek o nighttrek?