Jul 31, 2011

Travel Bloggers Forum - A Blog and Soul Event

In any Blog and Soul event that I have attended, I really appreciate the first-hand sharing of experiences by the chosen panelists per event. The latest session I went to featured the who's who of the blogosphere, with blog names such as Ivan About Town, Journeying James, EAZY Traveler, and IronWulf. As hosted by Justwandering Nina and with special guest appearance of Pinay Solo Backpacker, indeed the event was star-studded.

That Saturday arrived with so many chores on the list. Although I confirmed by filling up the register form, my schedule doesn't look promising. It was already 2:30pm and I was still at Market Market. Then I remembered about Kuya Pierre who's going to attend after he saw my FB event repost. And oh yes, I left my phone at home. Good thing I have with me my spare which is internet-capable, looked up his number in the private message correspondences, and texted him. As expected he's been trying to contact me. Initially, I told him that I couldn't make it. But since by 3pm I was done already with my to-dos (except for the shoes), I decided to hop on a cab to AIM (ansosyal ng venue).

It was an embarassing entrance, the door is in the front. Anyhoo they were so engaged in the discussions that I felt relieved a bit. There they are, alive and in the flesh...the internet stars.

The panelists were asked several personal questions, about travel and stuff. They have a lot of experiences to share. It is also interesting that though they have the same niche, they have individual style and approach to travel blogging.

JOURNEYING JAMES - he enjoys immersion with the locals and the culture, and he is an advocate for super budget travels.

IVAN ABOUT TOWN - he is a UP professor who promotes Philippine Heritage, and he has also visited the all the 80 provinces of the Phillipines.

EAZY Traveler - works as a travel writer and magazine contributor.

IRONWULF - freelance photographer

Hearing their personal insights on traveling was quite interesting. I look forward attending the next Blog and Soul event.


  1. Thanks for coming, as always! :D

  2. Hi Nina, thanks also for the open invite. I am hoping to attend more of Blog and Soul events, superlike ko makinig sa panelists. Sana open to public yung remaining sessions. :D

    Bakit wala yung Senyorita sa forum? ;D Hoping to meet you sana Ms. Mica. Starstruck ako that time lalo na kay Ferdz (cia yung pinaka unang travel blogger na nababasa ko), di lang ako nagpahalata mejo nashy ako eh. Hahaha.

  3. pumunta ka? wow! i just watched a live stream. :( nahiya kasi ako, wala ako kakilala. next time....

  4. ako din po umattend dyan sa Blog and Soul Forum and because nainspire talaga ako I decided to make my own Travel Blog..

  5. gald you still came, kahit medyo late. byahe n]lang ng byahe!

  6. @happysole - gora lang, wala din akong kakilala dun haha.

  7. @Joan - mas ok pa din live. buti nga di ko kinurot yung mga speakers. at least you'll see in flesh yung mga pinofollow mo lng dati. first travel blogger na nameet ko c nina. i was very inspired by our talk that time na niclaim ko yung prize ko from her.

  8. @james - thanks for a great talk, bilib na bilib sayo yung friend ko, pagkaupo ko sa tabi nya dun sa AIM, kaw agad yung binibida. :D

  9. @renevic - i remember your name, isa sa mga nagtanung. umattend kb?