Jan 17, 2012

Climbful 2011 : Always Look on the Brighter Side

Every year is a new experience. The past year was full of fallen hopes. Lots of trips cancelled….and lot of excitement went to waste. Despite, the climbs that pushed through made up for all the disappointments that I have endured.

By the numbers, last year was equivalent to 21 climbs, 12 of which were new peaks for me. I have always thought that I made good the previous year, but when I accounted for each year I realized that I am progressing as the year passes. I am just not noticing it. It was also a year that I had my first international flight on my own. Of making dreams come true. =)

Mt. MANABU (January) :
The Year-starter Climb

Mountaineer’s dream includes that of starting the year with a blast of a climb. But if you don’t have any plans at all… one can be contented with just any mountain that is close to the heart.

This trip was supposed to be a double dayhike of Mts. Batulao and Talamitam in Nasugbu, Batangas. But with unforeseen events always waiting to happen, there had been a change of plans we proceeded instead with the easiest way out. I originally had Mts. Manabu and Maculot as Plan B for the botched Nasugbu back to back climb. We got lost at the start of the trek, and it was raining hard on our summit assault via Mang Pirying’s kubo.

not bad for a year starter

Jan 7, 2012

Itinerary : Mt. Talamitam - Mt. Batulao Dayhike

Double or triple dayhikes had been becoming popular to climbers nowadays because of climb economy and the physical challenge it presents to the hikers. Famous double dayhikes proximate to Manila are Mts. Maculot-Manabu (Cuenca/Lipa Batangas), Mts. Malipunyo-Manabu (Lipa, Batangas), Mts. Sembrano – Tagapo (Pililia/Binangonan, Rizal), and Mts. Talamitam – Batulao (Nasugbu, Batangas) among others.

Last September 2011, I finally had a chance to join the band wagon of the double-dayhikers. We failed to follow the itinerary because we intentionally grazed on the area, with lots of photo opportunities on hand. The weather was clear in the morning, and we didn’t expect the worse turnout in the afternoon. We failed to do the traverse of Mt. Batulao, and instead just stayed in the registration hut and rested for a while. We had our picture taken with Ms. Janet Belarmino of the Pinay Everest Team, who has a vacation hut in Mt. Batulao campsite. Here is our intended itinerary for that day:

Mt. Talamitam fields, with Mt. Batulao’s unmistakable ridges from afar


Mt. Talamitam is famous for its 360 degrees summit view, which you will enjoy after an arduous climb on an open field. The trek usually takes 1.5hr – 2 hr on a normal pace. Mt. Batulao on the other hand, is a more strenuous hike. The trek will start on Evercrest, of which you will walk by passing several houses on the way to the mountain itself, negotiating muddy trails even on a clear day.