Jun 8, 2011

Kawasan Falls: Turquoise Set in Emerald

KAWASAN FALLS is a popular destination to tourists especially foreigners of all ages. It’s a blue green gem that is hidden somewhere in Matutinao, Badian… southwest part in the province of Cebu. Along the bus ride you could see the outline of the Negros Islands.

The walk to the falls itself from the highway is a bit tiring, especially if you are carrying heavy loads while thinking that this is supposed to be a chillax trip. But on the way, you can feast your eyes at the blue green stream on your left.

Upon alighting the bus, a number of “guides” would try to convince you to take a tour with the raft. Don’t think it will be a tour wherein you would go places. It’s just you and the raft going under the powerful waterfalls.

This falls is divided into three cascades, the first falls being the largest, most commercialized and most crowded due to the proximity to the road. From the first falls you need to trek a few minutes to reach the catchbasin of the second falls.

There are accommodations there if you opt to stay overnight, plus you could order food but it is a bit expensive, the price range is somewhere in between Php200-350 for dishes that are good for 2 persons only. Bringing your own food and cooking gear is allowed at no extra cost.


1. From South Bus terminal, ride a Ceres bus bound for the western side (Bato-Barili, Badian, Moalboal, Dumanjug etc.). Ask the bus conductor first if they are going to pass by Badian, specifically Matutinao. The landmark at the destination is a church with a statue along the highway. Bus rides take around 3 hours.

2. From the church and statue, walk the inner road for 10-15 minutes depending on trek pace. Midway there’s a table set to collect tourism fee.

3. You will see the falls along the trail, just follow the path that will lead you to several picnic tables. The area is owned by different persons.

4. Be ready to leave before 6-7pm (unless you have a private car) as there are few or no buses that passes by that area during that time onwards.


Bus to Matutinao, Badian (Ceres) from South Bus Terminal – php127.00
Terminal fee @ SBT – php5.00 per person
Tourism fee – php10.00 per person
Table rental – php300.00
Raft rental – php300.00/hr.
Tip/gratuity to “guide” – any amount
Lifevest – php50.00
Bus to SBT from Matutinao – php126.00

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