Aug 10, 2011

Updated Traveler Status: My Lakbayan Grade is now B- !

My Lakbayan grade is B- !

Whoa! Has it been that long already? I first took my Lakbayan test last January 2011. The first time I took it I garnered a Lakbayan grade of C. Now after 7 months a few flights here, a few pennies spent there…. I am upgraded to a B-!

Here's my Lakbayan status before:

Where had I been since I took the Lakbayan test last?
1. Iloilo/Guimaras
2. Ifugao
3. Batanes
4. Cebu
5. Legazpi/Naga
6. Bacolod
7. Dumaguete
8. Tacloban/Leyte

Regretfully, these are the places that could have improved my status:
1. Catarman (July 2011)
2. Zamboanga (July 2011)
3. Tawi-tawi (July 2011)

And these are the upcoming travels that I will miss…
1. CDO/Misamis Oriental (Aug. 4, 2011)
2. North/South Cotabato (Aug. 21, 2011)

The year is still young, and there are so many places to travel to. I just wish that I can sustain this kind of lifestyle by prioritizing what matters most. Cheers to all the places that we will grace in the near future!!!

For your own Lakbayan grade, please visit:

So… how did you fare? Care to share? =D

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  1. palawan is still white. next na yan!

    sayang at marami kang na-miss na byahe
    anyway, congrats! konti nalng