Sep 10, 2011

Camp Food: TINAPAntastik Ulalammm

Something I found at the grocery, and first thing that came to mind is how handy this will be on a climb. I am a picky eater, having a pesco-vegetarian or junk food diet. Something other than my canned tuna BFF.

Directions at the back suggested that it can be reheated by soaking the pack in hot water for 5minutes. It is not microwavable. Servings indicated that this can feed 2 persons, but knowing that all climbers eat beyond their usual food serving I presume this can nourish only one hiker.

Being in a plastic pack makes it lighter as versus canned goods and more desirable to light packers, but can be an issue with the environmentalists. But for me this is perfect, all it needs is a little taste test and who knows I might find yet another addition to my climb "buddies".

I will update this blog regarding the result of the taste test, or might delete this post all the same if the outcome turns out to be horrible.

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  1. hey hows the taste????

  2. I think it killed her.

  3. Sorry I haven't been able to reply to your query Anonymous times two. To tell you honestly, this tastes blech! for me.

    But you got to try this, maybe we have different tastes and this might suit you fine.