Apr 20, 2013

My Less Than 15 Minute of Fame on National TV

Not to be presumptuous or anything, but while walking on the Roxas Boulevard sidewalks on my way home sometime middle of March, a "what-if" scenario entered my mind. What if some of my stories get media attention? What if I get exposure as the first Filipina climber to do the 7 summits? (Ok, that was over the top already lols).

You could imagine my surprise and suspicion when I received this message via my FB page, dated March 21:

After a few calls, text messages, correspondences, back ground checks (lelz!) and confirmation, I was finally set to do the interview at the GMA 7 office along EDSA. I was picked up by the GMA van at our office last March 26. With me were some of my mountaineering stuff and a laptop just in case they want to highlight my blogging stints.

We arrived at the office around 7pm, and I finally get to meet Ram Cheng and the rest of the camera crew. We were delayed by a few minutes because the building admin issued concurrent interview permits for the Mezzanine area. I was told that the ongoing interview was for Imbestigador on the ATM scams.

They set up the lights, and the camera rolled. Nervousness crept on me, an emotion I didn't feel a few minutes before the actual interview. This is my 2nd time on camera, first being an interview by Knowledge Power for PUP Quizzer's Circle  members during my college years.

Activity sequence for their segment was that they will interview me, then they will go to the site. Few days after Holyweek I was contacted again by Ram, asking for more photos. Then I was informed of the date and time it was going to be aired.

Being part of this segment gives me a glimpse of the effort that our comrades in media are exerting just to produce a video segment that's going to be aired for less than 3 minutes. Such dedication they have!

I am thankful to Ram and the rest of GMA 7 for letting me share one of my climb experiences. The interview clip aired may be too short, but I enjoyed retelling my story and sharing my thoughts with them behind the scenes.

Disclaimer: I allowed myself to get exposed on national television for my mother. So that she can see me on TV and have some conversation piece with our relatives. Lols.

PS: I watched it once, shuddered, and promised myself not to watch it again.

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