Oct 28, 2013

Blog Giveaway: Cheers to 3 Years!

Three years flew by so fast and nothing much has changed in this blog. So many travels and climbs that were not shared! Well, I hope to get rid of that blogger’s block and get back to oversharing my adventures for the world to ogle on. This blog was brought to life in the hopes of aiding the mountaineering community with much needed information in preparing for a climb, albeit the posts on personal outdoor experiences. 

In the years to come, I will strive to document vital details not available from other online sources, so that those who will tread after me will be more informed and confident with their sojourn. We all know how hard it is to be blindfolded while on a climb trip.

My first entry on this blog was posted last November 14, 2010. More than 15 days from now, this blog will cross the 3-year hurdle. Yay! These past 2 years I haven’t had the chance to thank my readers. So to change that, babawi ika nga, I will hold an anniversary raffle contest.

Prizes at stake: Two winners of 1 gift cheque each for a lunch or dinner for 2 persons worth Php1,500 @ CafĂ© Astoria in Astoria Plaza, Ortigas.

You need to do ALL these 5 easy-peasy steps.

STEP 1: Like the page Bundokaholics Anonymous

STEP 2: Follow me on Twitter, @bundokaholics

STEP 3: Like my FB status update containing the link to this contest, and share in your                         Facebook wall. Don't forget to tag me in your shared post.
Reminder: You must share my FB post and not repost it. After you "Like"d the FB status update, click the "share" button. Make sure that the shared post is for public viewing so I can validate when you win.  

STEP 4: Retweet my Twitter post:
         “Blog contest alert: http://bundokaholics.blogspot.com/2013/10/blog-giveaway-cheers-to-3-years.html“

Reminder: Retweet and don’t repost. 

STEP 5: Leave a comment below answering the following:
1. Full name:
2. Email address:
3. FB user name:
4. Twitter handle:
5. What is your favourite mountain and why? (If you’re not a hiker, just indicate the mountain that you wish to climb and why.)

Contest ends November 13, 2013 at 11:59pm. I will populate all entries in an excel file and assign numbers per entry. The lucky winners will be chosen via Random.org, and will be validated if they have completed the 5 steps. If not, it will be raffled off to another contestant.

Winners will be announced on November 14, 2013 via blog post. You will be notified via email on how to claim your prize (I prefer mailing them via LBC).

Cheers to 3 years of climb-blogging! 

“Leave no mountain unclimbed. – BPS”


So far, 3 contestants made it to the raffle.

Lucky 3
Due to the limitations of RANDOM.ORG, I decided to do a "real-life" draw. 

good ol' fashion draw lots
So without further ado, here are the 2 lucky winners:

first draw winner

2nd draw winner

Since there are only 3 contestants, with 2 taking home the bacon.... I decided to be generous and award a consolation prize of three (3) Php100 J.Co Donuts gift checks for the non-winning contestant.

For the all the winners, please wait for my email to your respective email addresses. I will be using the bundokaholics@yahoo.com account. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort in joining this contest.


  1. Full name:Jay Anacan, Jr
    Email Address: rmanacan@botlfp.com/yaj_oemor@yahoo.com
    FB Name: Jay Montoya
    Twitter: amCharmedBoy143
    Mountain: Pinatubo trails,,

  2. caryn morales
    twitter: @yenmorales
    fb name: nyrac selarom

    i'd like to go to mt pulag

    1. Entry confirmed. Thank you for joining, and good luck!

  3. 1. Full name: Michael Caparas
    2. Email address:guy_jerk@yahoo.com
    3. FB user name: https://www.facebook.com/mc.cap.1
    4. Twitter handle: @mwehs_revenge
    5. What is your favourite mountain and why? Mt. Pulag, I want to conquer it and experience the sea of clouds!

    1. Entry confirmed. Thank you for joining, and good luck!

  4. 1.Full name:sherry ann gole cruz
    2. Email address:khryza1022@yahoo.com
    3. FB user name:sherry ann
    4. Twitter handle:@annkharize
    5. What is your favourite mountain and why? mt. apo, i heard so much majestic story about it .

    1. Hi, your entry is not yet confirmed. You missed the retweeting part. Kindly retweet my contest announcement. Thanks!

  5. camille quiambao
    twitter: @cgquiambao
    facebook: camille quiambao
    i'd like to climb mt pulag because i want to be above the clouds

    1. Thank you for joining. You have shared the wrong FB link, kindly see the pinned post on top of Bundokaholics Anonymous' FB page. Also, I have already accepted your follow request so you can retweet. Good luck! :)