Dec 31, 2010

Lesser-Known Wonders: Nabuntulan Falls in Mt. Isarog National Park

ne of the lesser popular destination in Naga is the Nabuntulan Falls in Mt. Isarog National Park in Brgy. Panicuasion. Tourists and mountaineers alike often talk about their adventures in Malabsay Falls, which is also within the park. My Bikolano friend who invited me over to climb Mt. Isarog, and ever so nice when he succumbed to my request of aborting the climb and hangout at the falls instead, told me that most of the visitors of the park frequent the more popular Malabsay Falls. Personally I haven't been able to visit the same since we ran out of time because we arrived at Nabuntalan Falls a bit late. I was also told that Nabuntalan Falls is the source of Malabsay Falls, although the latter is more majestic than the former.

To get to Nabuntulan falls, you need to hike the mountain trail around 30 minutes or less. You have to take the left turn going up the Panicuason trail going to Mt. Isarog summit upon reaching the junction with the trail to Malabsay Falls which is to the right.

Majestic Nabuntulan
When we arrived there, after battling several clinging limatiks on the way, I was wowed by the force and power of this hydro-wonder. Watermists are everywhere, and it was a very cold part of the mountains since the area is secluded and all that waterforce are creating powerful thrusts of air. I practically sat in a stone most of the time, to keep the cold from seeping to me, while my companion was giddy with the thoughts cool water.

man and nature
See how majestic Nabuntulan Falls is? I can't describe the awesome feeling back there, me staring at the continuous water flow from nowhere that was creating the wind force threatening my newly bought tent that I set up on a boulder a few meters away from my spot. It was literally mist, mist, mist, and I was soaking wet even without having a dip in the cold, cold water.

I really hope more mountaineers and tourists alike will visit this part of Mt. Isarog National Park.

Nabuntulan Falls/11.2.09

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