Jan 15, 2011

Hip Pack: Deuter Pulse One

When I try to jog (which usually ends up in brisk walk), I am always on solo. My jog/walk essentials are hydration, cellphone, cash, comb and another vanities. And with no one to look after my things, I first tried using a small sling bag. It felt uncomfortable, with the sling bag bouncing back and forth keeping me distracted plus it wouldn't hold an average-sized water bottle.

For the longest time I have been scouring Landmark in Makati or any malls that I have been to (when I remember) for water bottle bags. Even belt bags I could not find one in the malls that I went to. I used a belt bag as an assault pack back in 2007 Mt. Mayon knife ridge attempt, and the cost of it was around php300-400, unbranded. I set my budget at php500.00 for this.

Pulse One

In browsing Deuter's page, well I dunno what I was doing there in the first place, I saw Deuter Pulse One priced at USD29.80 or something like that, water bottle included. I considered buying it online, together with either Petzl Tikkina or Deuter Wizard to reach the minimum amount (USD45) for free shipping within US.

Wandering around in Planet Sports-Powerplant, while I was too eager to brag and show to an officemate an exact replica of my tallpack (I hope to impress her with the size of the packs we are carrying up in the mountains), I saw a Deuter Pulse Two, sans water bottle. It was priced php990.00, and at first I thought of it as Pulse One. I asked for red one, but there is no stock available. Even when I told the sales guy that I will be back a day after, still there was no new stock when I came back.

So off I went to ROX for the red Pulse Two. My notion was corrected when I saw the actual Pulse One. It was a bit smaller on the hip belt, but with same number of compartments (2 pockets) and bottle holder size. So I asked for the red Pulse One. Nope, still there isn't any stock available. Darn. I settled for a gray one, priced at php750.00. I think this little guy is a deal since most Deuter daypacks costs from php2,500.00-php3,500, and tallpacks from php5,000-php7,000. Hell, even their backpack cover costs php800 already!

the real Pulse One

Before you start judging me on buying an expensive gear, I tell you Deuter is my trusted brand and the products they make are proved to last a long time... maybe my Deuter bags will outlast me and my passion with the outdoors. And what is a Deuter brand compared to an unbranded php500.00 worth beltbag with no water bottle holder? Plus I really like the strap lock adjustment of Deuter bags.

no this isn't a workman's tool bag

I first used it yesterday in my test jog at MOA with my mother which turned out to be a walk-half-a-kilometer-then-rest-and-eat-at-Krispy-Kreme workout. Today, I successfully made better use of it in my walkathon of Ayala-OsmenaHW-Buendia-EDSA-Kalayaan-BGC route. And I hope that now I have no reason not to walk, jog or run since I have everything I need in this little hip pack.

In the tradition of me naming my packs and bags in line to their brand and model, I hereby christened this guy here.... "POL".


  1. Hi, this is very useful post. I am thinking of buying pulse one or pulse two. My question is, does the side pocket of pulse one is big enough to fit my Samsung galaxy S3 or similar size phone? Thanks a lot!!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I think it can fit your android phone, but don't risk it if I were you... since the phone will be cramped inside and there's the tendency that one wrong move might put pressure to the screen of your phone.

    Try to look for those phone holders that runners are using, those ones that are strapped directly to the arms

  3. Hi bundoKaholics,
    thanks for your replay and for the info provided, i appreciated it :). I decide to go with belt without bottle holder but with bigger pocket for my phone.