Jan 31, 2011

a first: Winning an Online Raffle Contest!

And I was like OMG this morning when I confirmed my suspicion that I won!

For quite sometime now I have been immersing myself with travel blogs to compensate my frustration with foiled, botched or no travel days. It is wonderful to just read about the places that these people went to and daydream about them.

In searching for Batanes info I came across Ferdz' site: ironwulf.net. I subscribed to his page via FB, and before new year I saw his congratulatory post to the Philippine Blog Awards winner, Nina Fuentes of justwandering.org. Out of curiosity I checked out her site, and from there she became a regular in my everyday blogroll.

Sometime early this month Nina held a contest were she posted questions about her travels. Of course, I hopped onto the band wagon, I will lose nothing by joining. I subscribed to her RSS and twitter. I painstakingly researched her questions throughout her blog. After weeks, what do you know?

I won!

yay for me!
Some of the prizes included in the lootbag that she will be giving me are:
  • 1 Lonely Planet Southeast Asia on a Shoestring guidebook
  • 1 Sea to Summit 8L Dry Sack
  • 1 Aquazorb Ultra Thin microskintec towel
  • 1 Travel Essentials Small Packing Cube
  • 1 Travel Essentials Pack It packing list
  • 1 box Ziploc Storage Bag (Quart size, 25 pieces)
  • 2 packs travel and cushion compression bag
  • 1 Team Manila passport cover
  • 3 pcs Team Manila bag tags
  • 1 Universal power adaptor
  • 4 pcs Muji liquid container (may differ from what is pictured)
  • 1 foldable ecobag

Wow! And I intend to share these stuff with friends who will be backpacking Southeast Asia this February-March.

Also, I got inspired with Claire Raborar's (Lakwatsera de Primera) 100 Things To Do Before Dying so I enumerated my own. Included is:

     #29 Win raffle/contest with awesome prize

Guess I can cross out that one already. Hihihihi.

Thanks to Nina Fuentes for the basketful of goodies! I really enjoyed answering the questions, especially the video part. Credits to a friend who helped me. (BTW, I think she deleted/hid some posts for the purpose of her bonus questions.... Hmmmm)

And I am really overwhelmed. =D 


I got my prize, and they're soooo awesome! Thanks again Nina for going all the way to Ayala Triangle to hand me my prize! And for the additional freebie of Binondo DIY trip map by Ivan Man Dy. And of course for the countless tales and tips you've shared, it's really nice meeting you personally!

oh boy... goooodddiesss!!!

my fave? LP book, bagtags, and her freebie Binondo map



    I joined the contest, too! Obviously, I did not win. HAHA! Congrats, BPS! ;)

    Anyway, I can really relate with these lines: "For quite sometime now I have been immersing myself with travel blogs to compensate my frustration with foiled, botched or no travel days. It is wonderful to just read about the places that these people went to and daydream about them." I could not have said it any better. Kudos!

  2. Hi Karen,

    Thanks! I can't believe it myself. I've never won any online raffle before.

    I have a surprise for you. Please check your comment page. *wink wink*.

  3. Wow, BPS! Your kindness amazes me. ;) Thank you for that very tempting offer!

    Inasmuch as a wanted to join you this weekend, I just had to say no because I have 9am-7pm classes. But I’m open to meeting you any time soon — not for the goodies, but on the prospect of meeting another travel blogger. Who knows, maybe I can join you in a mountaineering adventure sometime in the future? Haha! And yeah, enjoy your meet-up with Ms Nina! She’s one cool traveler.

    Thanks again, BPS!

    P.S. I can't seem to find your email address.

  4. so this is where you're keeping your stories now?!

  5. sir adonis, partly yes... i still use multiply though for blog snippets. lotsa pending writeups on climb reports for this blog.

    why does your comment make me feel that you found me in hiding? hehehe.

  6. Wala akong tinagong blog post ah! ;) Congrats on winning again! Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday! :D

  7. hahaha! the evil one!

    nabasa ko kasi yung post mo about dun sa hotel escapade, tapos nung hinahanap ko na siya para gawing reference dun sa bonus question mo hindi ko na makita. hahaha. kaya nanghihinayang ako at hindi ko makita yung mga sagot sa bonus Qs. thankfully cooperative ang random.org or else manghihinayang talaga ako dunsa bonus questions na hindi ko nasagot!

    Can't wait for Saturday! =D

  8. hehe honga eh, sea to summit, can't afford ko toh kung bibilhin. sana magamit na agad.

    san nga ba ginagamit ang dry sack? =p

  9. Pag inabot ka ng baha lol It was great to meet you too! Dapat may part 2 ang chismisan! :D

  10. nina i really enjoyed talking to you! andami mong alam grabe parang the answers to my questions just comes out from you naturally. hope to chat with you again about your travels. =D

  11. wow, i really wanted to win this too! i guess, if i want to win a raffle, i should start joining. hehehe

  12. yes you should Aleah, and I am surprised you didn't join!

    Anyways.... am waiting for your own raffle contest. hihihi.