Apr 22, 2012

I was a Certified Mountain Addict.

You're a certified mountain addict if :

These words keep ringing inside your head: Barlig-Batad, Hungduan-Hapao, Kayapa-Itogon, Atok-Kabayan, Yumbing-Ardent, Magalang-Bano, Sibulan-Kidapawan, Sibuyan, Limatik, Kabunian, Bulusan, Dayhike Traverse, Mayon, Bangiiinnnn...

Reading climb itineraries is your comfort when you are lonely.

You daydream of every mountain you have summited, and of those you haven’t yet.

You keep a journal of your mountain plans.

Your jaws drop each time you pass by a small rocky hill on the road and you salivate as you stare at it in awe.

Your bonus ends up nil, you spent it all on your dream climb.

You have more mountain clothes in your wardrobe than normal office/casual clothes.

You climb solo because you really want that mountain so bad.

You dance crossing landslides.

You plan mountain climbs like there is no tomorrow.

You are always envious of hardcores.

You always check out vertical structures and assess if they are “climbable”.

You feel giddy at every jumpoff.

And last but not the least... your friends shut you off during lunch talks because you cant stop blabbering about the mountain.

.... tamad na ako dagdagan nyo na lang.

"Originally posted in Multiply, December 10, 2008. To be young and restless, it was priceless"


  1. haha, maybe i'm an addict in the making...

  2. In the making lang ba Sir Dee, mukha ngang mas addict kp sakin. =D

    1. oo in the making lang BPS.. kasi ang plano ko lang naman talaga at least once a year makapagrelax relax.. hindi ko akalain mapapadalas.. madalas na sakin ang once a month.

  3. wow.. guilty ako dun sa ibang signs ng Certified Mountain Addict..:).. better than being an addict sa ibang negative na bagay..:).. Thanks Ma'am BPS..:)

  4. Mountains everywhere in your blog. Certified talaga! I am glad to stumbled here... i already followed you...
    I wish I could try on big mountains too, not so physically fit eh... or excuse lang? hehe!

    Hope you stumble on my blog too... :p

  5. Hi, let's exchange links. Will update this blog once I get decent connections.

  6. hi ma'am napaka adventurous nyo sana minsan makasama ako sa isa sa mga akyat nyo:)

  7. HAHAHA! Very well said and true indeed! I'm into mountaineering for more than a year now and have been climbing Minor mountains with a mountaineering club but eventually, I got so addicted to mountain climbing that I want to climb a mountain every month. I started to join into other clubs as guest climber even though I don't personally know anyone of them. Last October, I went for my first 'solo' climb and now, I found it so much more addicting. Will be going to Mt. Kanlaon and Mt. Apo this January and February for a guided 'solo' hike. Any tips for me? I would really love to hear some words of wisdom from a more experienced mountaineer such as you are.

  8. Good luck with your bet on the Visayas and Philippines' highest! Thank you for visiting this blog and here are my personal tips on your upcoming solo hikes:

    1. Training climb - very much needed before a major hike. I suggest two types, one for endurance and one for camping. For endurance, you can opt for dayhikes with longer trails, while on camping training climb, this will accustom your body for the full pack that you will be putting on your back on the climb proper.

    2. Know your mountain - read massive amount of materials about the mountains you're about to climb. This will help you mentally prepare for the challenge, and know about common difficulties experienced by other hikers who have already climbed your mountain of choice.

    3. Choose your guides well - In climbing mountains, you essentially put your life in the hands of your companions.

    4. Actual preparation - Make sure that your climb gears are complete. Don't forget the most important items aside from food: poncho and headlamp. Your poncho can serve as windbreaker especially in high mountains that have their own weather. Bring lots of socks and gloves. Always waterproof your belongings. It is ok to be drenched during the climb, but it is necessary to change to dry and warm clothes afterwards to avoid hypothermia. Always prepare a first aid kit, and a survival kit that will consist of mirrors, candies, blades or small knives, emergency light, small strings. Your survival kit will depend on your needs.

    5. Know basic first aid - this will help you help yourself and in cases, your companion/guide.

    The list goes on and on, but I can only write a few as detailing the necessary preparation will merit a separate blog entry, and i dont have that luxury of time. Just read na lang from other sources din.

    Stay safe! :D

  9. Thanks a lot! I have been preparing for my major climbs now.. Physically and mentally... We never should underestimate the mountains and nature. I have finished taking BMC course and now I'm reviewing it and putting them to mind as well as what you have mentioned. Thank you so much and more power!