Jun 2, 2012

I know What I Did Last Holyweek....

... was jumping out on mountains with my good friend May in Mt. Tagapo as a spontaneous climb trip. This year might not be as fabulously grand as my last year's Batanes, but it was still filled with various laughs and deep talks and ... my favorite night boatride while stargazing and spotting "hot air balloons". Lols.

My first time here was with my friend Ian. My first ever jump-shot was captured here.

Both awkward, as always the case. Lols.


  1. I can totally relate. Never liked jump shots and did it only twice because I was forced by friends haha

  2. I dont usually do jumpshots but its fun. its just that, i dont look good on photos and i look even weirder on jumpshots! booo >.<

  3. Twice pa lang ako nagjumpshot in my whole life... ansagwa kasi..