Feb 6, 2011

BPS Lingo

Collection of witty words that I have accumulated during my climbing era, then and now. Reposted from my Multiply blog. Caveat: word definitions here are my pure opinion and does not in any way claim authority over the word or the matter. Pardon the horrible grammar, I didn't edit it to preserve spontaneity of my previous posts.


Dayhike vs. Overnight Climb
Dayhike means akyat at baba ka ng bundok without setting camp. Kahit abutin ka pa rin ng gabi, or madaling araw basta akyat at baba ka ng bundok without sleeping in the mountain (pitch tent), dayhike pa rin yun. In contrast with Overnight Climb, eto yung nagseset ng camp at nagpapahinga ng matagal bago bumaba. Pero kung nagset ka ng camp, nagsocials tapos walang tulugan kasi naghintay ng sunrise.... ito ba ay dayhike?

Daytrek vs. Nighttrek
Daytrek is walking up or down a mountain with the aid of sunlight, or anytime na hindi pa nagdidilim. Kung ikaw ay aakyat ng gabi.... ito ay tinatawag na Nighttrek. Kung aakyat ka ng gabi na kasama mo si Sunshine.... daytrek o nighttrek?

An expression which could mean let's go, tara, game na, sure, and many others depende sa gamit.

Origin: I often heard it from Mtalk when I was still active there, mostly from Emkei. Later on I just learned that she picked this up from Ian (nomad1104), whom they met at Tarak Ridge.

In Mountaineering:
Since na-kyutan sila sa expression na ito ni Mahal na Reyna, nagdecide ang core team ng mga umakyat sa Tarak Ridge na pangalanan ang kanilang grupo na GORA EXPLORERS. Malayo na rin ang narating ng grupong ito considering na lately lang ito nabuo... mahilig kasi gumora. Nakikita ko me tarp pa sila, presumably gawa ni Sir Marion hehehe. (Sarap nakawin nung Cristav pic ni Chito with the tarp, with matching kagat-labi at higa pose).

Use in a sentence:
Chito: Sama ka ba sa Cristav?
Marion: Oo sister GORA ako jan!
Tetah: Aw! Takut aku sa mumu!

Meaning super awesome beyond definition. I used the term while I was in Mt. Timbak witnessing sunset, as the sea of clouds engulfed the lowland and nearby mountains whilst the view is very clear. The horizon seemed like a painter's palette where maize yellow and lapis lazuli blue meets the orange and purple in the sky. Too bad I didn't have enough battery power, I was switching 6 batteries trying to get some life for my camera.

Use in a sentence:
"Mga dude, andito ako sa tuktok ng Mt. Timbak with a mightpakingshit na view! Kamusta na kayo jan sa Pulag? Kita ko yung saddle, kita ko rin yung unat na unat ang buhok jan!"

Isang minor climb na me mababang trail class pero halos atakihin ka na sa puso sa sobrang pagod for one reason or another.

Art and science of climbing buko trees without the aid of climbing gears.

Word Origin: I first heard of the term while in Daguldol nung bday ni Ivan. Pinagpipitagan kasi si Ivan as isang magaling na bukoneer, pwede na raw magretire sa pagiging mountaineer.

In Mountaineering: Nakakabilib ang mga bukoneers, Me advantage na agad sila sa pamumundok. Magandang survival skill ito, in the light nung recent na trahedya sa Anawangin. Pag tumaas ang tubig, akyat agad sa puno. Since mas mahirap akyatin ang mga puno ng buko, it is presumed that climbing trees with lots of branches will be a breeze to bukoneers.

Climbers who have work on Saturday either half day or whole day that mostly their options are Sunday Dayhikes.

Word Origin: I first used this term today chatting with Tetah... about Chichi who plans on creating a group of dayhikers who will opt to climb on Sundays.


Drinking session ensuing a successful climb... or a failed climb. This is frequently done at "kapatagan", and usually the vents of emotions in a climb.

Word Origin: I first heard this term from Jasper during one of our climbs last year. They have a different meaning to this... but in the end it entails a drinking session somewhere where the guys can be quite happy.

A climb that mostly entails "kapit sa ugat" thus rendering your upper body most used than your lower body.

Word Origin: This was first introduced to me during a YM conversation with the recently enganged Tetah. I was telling him about my current bodyaches due to a certain "packsheet" climb.

Word Usage: Tetah: Aw Mam Melds, basagan ng kilikili ba?

Male climbers who are very eager to hike and can be easily goaded to join a climb

Word Origin: a self-confessed "manwhore" friend told me of this term. He was christened as such by his friends because he's always Gora! to every climb whenever he can. 

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