Feb 11, 2011

Neat travel accessories @ The Travel Club


I was wandering aimlessly at the mall when I found myself inside The Travel Club store. Well, not that aimlessly, since I was tasked to buy send-out gifts for a friend who will be backpacking Southeast Asia for a month. I have read blogs and had the Pacsafe camera strap in mind. So I decided to check it out. 

slr strap @ php1,250

This is well within the budget, since our friend from the US alone donated $50.00. I decided to get their opinion on several products too.

accustrap @ php490

Accustrap- this is used against motion sickness @ sea, air or water. I am thinking of getting one myself... after that horrendous, vomit-inducing 4-day roadtrip in North-Eastern Mindanao last November 2010. The days I said that I will not be taking long bus rides again in the near future.

Sea to Summit pocket towel @ php990

I know... I will get this baby when I have extra cash. Imagine the space it would save if you have this very packable microfibre towel.

Pacsafe travel pouch @ php1,380

Pacsafe compact organizer @ php1,590

Pacsafe ticket wallet @ php1,990

Expensive for a frugal traveller right? Even I can't bring myself to buy these stuff. But for someone who is backpacking for a month... these items would be a lot of help. It would lessen the burden of thinking about the security of your things, lessen the nausea on travel, and reduce the load on the pack.

On my next visit to The Travel Club, I will take photos of other interesting things I found there. But be warned that the price is not for the faint of heart. 

And besides the fund is from friend's gratuity... and ours so my backpacking friend wouldn't mind having some of these neat stuff. Lols.

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  1. we ended up buying her a Sanuk walking shoes and the camera strap.

    i am so buying that pocket towel. haha.