Feb 20, 2011

Iloilo Trip 2011: Mt. Taripis Climb plus Sidetrip Itinerary


road less travelled: mt taripis taken during napulak climb

Igbaras, Iloilo
February 25-27, 2011

Day 1  February 25, 2011
0445    ETD NAIA Terminal 3
0550    ETA Iloilo Airport, ride van
0630    ETA Ortiz Port, ride boat to Jordan Wharf
0715    ETA Jordan Wharf, ride tricycle to Balaan Bukid
0730    ETA Balaan Bukid, start trek
0900    ETA Balaan Bukid summit, photoops
0930    Start descent
1000    ETA jumpoff, proceed to Alubihod Beach
1030   ETA Alubihod beach, early lunch, rest
1200    ETD Guimaras via Buenavista Wharf
1300    ETA jeep terminal, ride bound to Igbaras
1400    ETD jeep terminal
1530    ETA Igbaras, ride habal to Brgy. Passi
1700    ETA Brgy. Passi, rest and spend the night
2200    Lights off

Day 2    February 26, 2011
0500    Wakeup call, breakfast
0600    Start trek to Mt. Taripis
2000    ETA Brgy. Passi
2100    Dinner @ house
2200    Lights off

Day 3    February 27, 2011

0500    Wakeup call
0600    Depart to falls
0900    Back to jumpoff, ride jeep to city
1200    ETA Iloilo City, proceed to SM Iloilo, lunch
1600    ETD Iloilo City via van
1630    ETA Iloilo Airport
1740    ETD Iloilo Airport via CebPac
1850    ETA Terminal 3

Estimated Budget:
Day 1 -      1,450.00
Day 2 -         800.00
Day 3 -      1,045.00

Total -       3,295.00

Trivia: My header background was taken during my Igbaras climb, the picture depicting the range adjacent to Mt. Taripis, as viewed from Mt. Napulak summit. And if you will look closely... you will see a vertical white line on the lower part of the center of the picture. Yes... it's a long cascading waterfalls alright. :D


  1. The mountain's color looks so vivid! Is it really that green? That must have looked really good.

    Btw, I noticed my Solitary Wanderer blog is pointing to Blogspot. My correct URL is www.SolitaryWanderer.com. Please replace? ^_^ Thanks!!

  2. The mountain is as green as in the picture, in my naked eyes, but when my camera took the shot I was disappointed so I edited it.

    Hmmm... will change the link. But I could swear that when I click your link in my blogroll I am automatically redirected to your site. One thing I noticed though is that the most recent post shown in my blogroll is not updated, as versus to your tweets.

  3. I recently moved to WP.org and I don't know what happened. Almost all of the links reverted to my blogger address. Oh well.

    Are you based in the Visayas? I'd like to go caving this summer. There's one scheduled by TriExplore(?) end of May in Samar but I don't want to take it; they have over 30 participants ata. I want my group small.

  4. Nope I am Manila based. Sayang, who wouldn't want to go on caving in Samar? Joni Bonifacio arranges caving tours. I don't know how you would go about it, maybe request him to arrange a smaller group?

    Sayang... :(

  5. I really admire your stamina and passion for climbing mountains. Your name really fits you :)