May 24, 2011

In Memoriam: Zaldy Lamsis

RIP May 21, 2011.

A mountaineer.
A biker.
A diver.
An adventurer.

And everything in between that's made of adrenalin...

For the love of the outdoors, may you rest in peace.

Story here

Zaldy's adventure-filled life here


  1. my deepest condolence to brother with my same compassion!!!may you rest in peace!!!

  2. We exchanged good thoughts and information in mulitpy. especially when i heard his name in Mt Nangtud. People from there are fond of him. I was also in disbelief when I heard the news then. May he rest in peace. and his spirit live.

  3. nasa Anilao kami noong May 22 galing Mt. Maculot, siya pala yung sinabing nalunod kahapon (May 21) na diver. RIP.