Mar 3, 2011

Church of Miag-ao: Just Click and Go

church facade
I am not a fan of traditional architectural structures….much more of churches. It would take an Eero Saarinen to wow me. But hearing that a church in a small town in Iloilo made it to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites… it got my attention.

Miag-ao is a first class municipality in Iloilo according to Wikipedia. It is approximately 40kms from the city proper. It prides itself as home to one of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines as cited by UNESCO. 

town plaza

municipal hall?
On our third and last day in Iloilo, we paid a visit to this small town. Southbound on a jeepney we rode from Igbaras/Guimbal crossing, it took us nearly almost 10 minutes to get to the town proper of Miag-ao. Fare from crossing was Php10.00 only.

From afar, the structure stood mighty and demanded attention. On a closer look, it seemed serene and sleeping. A mass just ended when we arrived. I distinctly remembered taking note of this church a while back last year on my way to Antique, but due to my ignorance and lack of research I just passed it by without taking a picture. Oh wait, wait! I do have a picture! I unknowingly admired the church and took a photo! So much for not being a structure fanatic! Lols!

glimpse of church en route to Antique: nahuli ng bunot ng kamera (Aug 2010)

looks mighty tough

We had a snack first at the Big Mak burger joint just facing the church. Afterwards we now headed to the almost empty place, save for the 2 tourists who were also taking pictures.

facade above the door

The church door was closed, to our disappointment. We contented ourselves with the façade of the church on different angles. I marvel at the design at the top of the church. There’s our very own banana plant. I haven’t read about the history of the place, nor delved into the detailed description of the designs which, from what I have read just now, depicted the town’s  defense against Moro raids.

tablet outside church
I took a few shots more before it started to drizzle. I ran for cover on the street shops facing the church, while my companion is still busy taking shots.


 It was sad that we haven’t got the chance to take photos or at least catch a glimpse of the interiors of the church. I will return whenever chances permits me but for now I will just content myself with the pictures taken by other people. So we waited for a ride back to Iloilo City.

We can’t wait for the doors to open, we don’t have that much time....

Mt. Napulak from afar

How to get there
From Iloilo City, ride a jeep going to Miag-ao (in the market terminal near Robinsons) or a bus going to either Caticlan or Antique (Molo terminal) or a GT Express (Molo terminal) all of which will pass by the town proper. 


There's a PNB ATM, a Western Union, and several food stores in front of the church. It is located at the center of the town... I think?

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