Mar 9, 2011

Iloilo Trip Kick-off: Jaro Cathedral and Belfry

 How did I ended up with this trip? Around early January, there's a seat sale craze on going. I was deciding which province to visit, and of course mountain climbing should be considered. I remembered how I wanted to go back to Igbaras to climb other peaks that I once saw there back in my August 2010  visit. I booked a roundtrip flight for Php1,100+++ and invited a friend to join me in Guimaras, as she is on a beach bum mode. Later on she decided to join my whole trip. I should fhave orewarned her what she's getting into. Lols.

So I went home early Thursday (February 24, 2011), a day before my flight to Iloilo. My pocket money was not enough, thanks to P-noy. 

Ok connect? Well had he declared February 25 as non-working holiday, then our paycheck will be credited to our account Thursday. And since there’s work on Friday so….you do the math.

I cooked Tocinong Bangus as my baon, hoping it would be indestructible as I want to believe and last me till dinner. I also intend to leave early, to catch the shuttle service to Terminal 3. Preparation took quite a while and it was past 12mn when I finished. I have no choice but to ride a cab. I prepared myself for the fare, since the one I rode already had a calibrated meter. Normally it’s just around Php110.00 on an honest man’s meter, and now…assuming that the cab’s meter is as represented, showed P145.00 or something on the readings. I sucked it up and paid the exact amount. 

T3 catwalk

I arrived a bit early, around 1am. I stayed at 7-11, and passed time along the hallway. About 2am I went down to queue in for check-in. It’s my first time to be this early.

this is the "IN" thing

The boarding gate looks deserted. I texted my friend the seat number I got. In an hour she’s already with me at the boarding gate.

sarap humilata!

Ooopppps moment!
I never expected this to happen. A familiar face was a few meters away from me, I cannot put a name to it or a relation to me. I just stared at her while me my friend and I are chatting. Then finally. Someone I knew too well rose from her seat, next to that familiar face. It’s our company's HR personnel!!!! My, my.... I just want to melt with embarassment and I can feel the blood rushing out of my head. 

She went my way without actually seeing me. To spare me the embarassment I called on her first. She seemed a bit surprised and teased me, since it is a work day. I countered that I already filed for a leave with my boss. She added that I should wait and see who’s with her. Then I got nervous.

It’s our VP for HR alright. She’s with them, going to our Guimaras mining plant. They’re to conduct employee orientation. I am so embarrassed with my attire...our company's Christmas party shirt, crumpled pants and pink slippers. Painting my nails red before going to the airport was indeed a great idea. Oh well. Good thing I restrained myself from taking a nap on the seats of the boarding gate, the embarrassment would be twicefold.

We boarded the gate at around 3.30am. I chose the window seat during check-in. And I was glad that my friend managed to get the seat next to me.

Ayong buntag Panay!

Upon arrival at the Iloilo Airport around 6am, we rode a van bound for Iloilo City (php50). We requested the driver to take us to Jaro. I remembered the last time I went to Iloilo last August 2010 and rode a van just like today, that Jaro was one of the stop-over before going to the terminal. And that I noticed a cathedral in the area.

Jaro Cathedral and Belfry
Included in our itinerary is a visit to Jaro Cathedral and Belfry. So upon alighting from the van, just in front of the cathedral, we proceeded to take pictures. I think it is already 7am and there is an ongoing mass inside. The place is unbelievably quiet. 



According to Wikipedia (*roll eyes* I know....)  "The Jaro Cathedral is the seat or cathedral for the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Jaro. It is located in district of Jaro in Iloilo City, in the province of Iloilo, on the island of Panay, in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. It is known as the shrine of Our Lady of Candles and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, as well as the parish of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary."

church terrace anyone?

too lazy to climb... ugh!

We didn't bother to go inside or explore the area. After taking shots of the cathedral and belfry, we had our brekkie @ Jollibee just in front. I bought rice and hot choco, as I have my baon of Tocinong Bangus. Yummy way to start the day… and a journey.

After which we took a cab to Ortiz port to start our Guimaras trip. Yes I know, I am not a person who loves taxi rides. But we could use one that time. Burp!

PS: I borrowed moolah from my companion to get me by till 3pm.

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