Mar 31, 2011

Mt. Banoy Traverse Itinerary

four towers and the road to traverse

(Talumpok Silangan-Balatbat)

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1
0930 ETD Cubao bus terminal to Batangas City (php175)
1200 ETA Bolbok Junction/Diversion, lunch
1230 Ride jeep to town proper, alight on Goto King (php8)
1245 ETA Goto King, walk to terminal for Dagatan
1315 ETA terminal, ride jeep bound for Dagatan (php25)
1345 ETA "Siko/Piko(?)". Ride tricycle to Brgy. Health center(Php20each). Register (no fees being collected)
1400 Start trek on rough road trail
1430 ETA Sitio Banoy
1445 ETA viewdeck
1500 ETA campsite (left of the rough road), pitch tent
1530 Start assault to towers/wireless
1540 ETA towers/wireless, explore the area
1730 Cook dinner
2300 Lights off

Day 2 (not yet tested, suggested only)
0600 Wake-up call, prepare breakfast and breakcamp
0700 Start descent
1330 ETA small waterfalls
1500 ETA jumpoff "chapel"
1530 ETD to Bolbok junction/Diversion
1630 ETA Bolbok junction/Diversion, bus back to Manila
1830 ETA Manila

- the traverse on Day 2 has never been tried, only the ascent trail via Talumpok Silangan.
- on our way home, we didn't go back to town proper, we just head straight to Star Tollway. if you know how to commute to Dagatan, then just cut the trip short and alight at Star Tollway instead of heading to Diversion Road near the port.
- there's watersource near campsite. be mindful when getting water as it also supplies the nearby sitios.
- people here are very friendly so don't hesitate to ask or answer their questions.


  1. parang di natin nakita ang small waterfalls

  2. mayo, traverse itinerary po ito meaning eto yung papuntang balatbat. suggested lang ito and may caveat na hindi ko pa tried and tested yung traverse trail as detailed dun sa day2.

    nakanote dun sa share ko sa FB page na reverse trail lang ang ginawa and hindi tinuloy yung traverse