Mar 1, 2011

Tibiao Fish Spa Experience

Have you seen piranha movies….where vicious fishies eat people? Yes?

Have you imagined yourself dipping in a warm pool and literally feeding yourself to the fishies? Yes?

Ok, last part was a bit of an exaggeration. Lols. I have read about this innovative spa where you get to interact with fishies in a different kind of way.

When I was preparing my itinerary, I chanced upon reading a travel blogger recounting his experience with the said spa in Iloilo. I got curious and googled it. Then I came across with the spa’s website.

watchout! seemingly innocent fishies...


“Fish spas are a form of ichthyotherapy that use small fish to clean the skin. Fish exfoliate the skin by feeding on the dead layers of skin cells. This method is safe and totally free of pain. In fact, the distinct tickly sensation produced by the skin-nibbling fish adds to the cleansing benefits and relaxing ambience of fish spas that made them popular in many Asian countries.” source:

Tibiao Fish Spa’s humble beginnings started in the small province of Tibiao, Antique. A brilliant concept of ichthyotheraphy was brought to life by newly grads of UPV by pooling their funds, expertise and technical skills together to bring us what we now know as the Tibiao Fish Spa Co.

me so excited!


After the tiring trip between Guimaras-Igbaras-Miagao-Iloilo City which included a mountain climb, the one thing I am most looking forward to is the spa visit. When we arrived in SM City Iloilo a little after noon,  I accompanied my friend to get her Ted’s batchoy experience (which she described as just so and so), and we proceeded to the lower ground of the mall, just below Chowking.

At the façade you can already sense the wonderment in the face of the customers in the classic spa pools. Upon closer look, it appears that there are two tubs, one for the small fishies, and another for their larger kind.

classic spa is a bit too crowded for my liking

We asked the opinion of the attendant on the best way to enjoy the fishies, and she recommended the VIP package, which for php250.00, will let you enjoy the privacy of heated pools with couches for 45 minutes… with a relaxing foot massage after.

VIP spa... are the fishies here hungier than the classic spa? lols

An attendant gave us numbers for our footwear which will be deposited with them. We washed our feet with a bidet, and then proceeded to the curtained area for VIPs.

I am number five

I was really clueless with this so I just hopped to a couched and next thing I knew I was squirming and getting my feet out of the water as fast as I can as fishies are hungrily nipping on my foot. Whooopppsss! Wrong tub!!!!

First time hurts I tell you. Much more if you go to the large fishies’ tub. The sensation really surprised me in all levels and made me think of piranhas chasing my fat and stubby foot. I can really feel their teeth. Bad fishies! And I was laughing all throughout everything which got me the looks from my fellow VIPs.

i know. my stubby and callused feet are a treat to them alright

I transferred to the more friendly-looking little water creatures but was very cautious as I dipped one foot. Testing the waters, it was colder than the other. At first I was squirming a bit, but then the nipping of small fishies just grew into me. Every now and then I winced as some of the little ones are “feeling like a piranha” and nanggigigil. Lols.

keep out: this is where the bully fishies hang-out!

Fishy poos are at the bottom of the tub and it made me wonder if this is the same tub that will be used by the ones who avails the Full Body Spa. Ewwww.


Before we knew it, 45 minutes already have passed. An attendant informed us of the foot massage that was awaiting us. I saw one masseur practicing his foot massage moves! Talk about work dedication!

They are using lotion for the foot massage, and after that soothing foot relief… “hindi ko na maramdaman ang paa ko sa sobrang lambot ng feeling”. I’ve felt that my feet are of another person’s. And I can really feel that my feet were very happy. Toinks.

As I was getting out after the massage I have heard a new batch of VIPs inside the curtained rooms... and one girl was shrilly screaming her lungs out that I thought there must be fire or something.


All in all I was very happy with this experience that they get my two thumbs up (which is a rare occasion on massage and spa services) and I am one certified convert. I will definitely visit them whenever I am in Iloilo City and have spare time and moolah.

I like the value for money of the services and attention that they are giving to the customers... the same hardwork and attention from their hardworking fishies!!!!


Classic Fish Spa – Php 120 (30mins)
VIP Fish Spa – Php250 (45mins)
Full Body Fish Spa – Php 1,300 (1hr)

Reflexology and Massage

Foot Reflexology – Php100
Half body massage – Php250
Full body massage – Php350

You can visit TIBIAO FISH SPA @ Lower Groundfloor of SM City Iloilo


  1. We experienced the same thing but in Kota Kinabalu. And yeah, the big fishies are scary! Should try this also when we visit Iloilo someday soon.

  2. Thank you for a very nice blog, for visiting Tibiao fish spa and for all the compliments! You inspire us to provide a quality service for fish spa and to continue making every people happy in our own little way.

    Take care...