Jul 12, 2011

Get Me Out of Here!: Legazpi Airport (LGP)

Legazpi Airport (LGP) serves the aviation needs of the Albay region. It is located in Legazpi City. This is the airport of choice for those visiting Albay and Sorsogon. The airport itself affords a great view of the majestic Mt. Mayon.

How to get out of there:

There are tricycles inside the airport waiting for passengers. I have landed here twice, once in June 2010, and again June this year (2011). The first time I wandered off is by pure purpose of looking for a nice hotel breakfast within the vicinity (both nearby hotel cafes were closed). I then accidentally discovered that the jeepney transport is only a few meters away from the airport, you have to pass by two blocks at least. This is something that the airport information will not tell you, since they promote hiring of the tricycles in the waiting area. Metered taxis are just few in this city.

I have no idea how much is the tricycle rate, but if you are not bothered to take public commute, then you will pay only around 7-8php minimum fare to get to your destination (Robinson’s Mall, Albay Cathedral) and you’ll have to take another jeepney ride to get to Daraga or Albay terminal.

How to get there:

I haven’t tried flying out of Legazpi City, but it’s just pretty much the reverse of how to get out of there. It would be helpful if you will ask if the jeep will pass by the airport road, of which you could alight a few blocks away then walk a few meters to the terminal.

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