Jul 12, 2011

Negros Outdoorshop: Island Life in Dumaguete City

Whenever we go on a climb out of town… one of our considerations is the presence of an outdoor shop. It has been our comfort to find one amidst the strangeness of the new surroundings, we know that we have a kindred soul whenever we find local mountaineers on said outdoor shops.

During a visit to Dumaguete and in one of my afternoon walks, I chanced upon Island Life, a shop operated by Cuernos de Negros Mountaineers, one of the local groups based in Dumaguete. I walked in a little bit past 12nn, and was told by a construction worker that the shop usually opens around 1pm.

When I got back, I found Sir Paul of Cuernos de Negros Mountaineers manning the shop. He is very helpful in giving me the contacts for the guides in Mt. Talinis and nearby peaks, and was very eager in answering my queries regarding the local peaks.

The shop has the basic mountaineering needs like trek clothes, backpacks, jackets, knives, water bottles, etc. I haven’t inquired but I think they are offering other outdoor services. The shop is in expansion though, lots of free space which they could use to display other items. I haven’t checked what brands they carry.

For your immediate outdoor needs in Dumaguete you could go to Island Life. I regret not asking for Sir Paul’s contact number, or anyone on Island Life.

Silliman Ave. Dumaguete City
(Near the Blvd and Jo’s Inato)


  1. Good day!
    hello this is Paul Davalan from CNMCI (Cuernos De Negros Mountaineering Club Inc.,) This is my contact number 09367233540

    1. Hi!
      I am looking for a guide to go with my family on Mt Talanis. Can you give me some serious address?