Jul 12, 2011

Get Me Out of Here!: Naga Airport (WNP)

One of the 3 major airports in Bicolandia is Naga City Airport (the two being Legazpi and Virac airport). The airport whose domestic code is WNP, primarily serves most passengers bound for Camarines Norte and Sur, and probably the nearby Iriga. It is classified as a Class 1 airport. Terminal fee is around php30.00-50.00 (honestly I forgot).

It is located in Pili Camarines Sur, which is very proximate to the popular watersports complex CWC. Airport strip is graced with the view of Mt. Isarog on the background.

Security here is lenient, and you should bring food as there are limited snack bars with limited choice of food (no rice meals).

How to get there:

My stint on this is a flight to Manila from Naga City. From city proper, I boarded a jeep passing by Pili airport road. It pays to ask around. The fare is somewhere in between php13.00 or 15.00, and you will alight at the highway.

From the highway, you have the option to take the tricycle ride or just walk to the terminal which is a bit 200-300 meters from the highway. Fare is php20.00.

Note: Most of the planes flying to and fro are Bombardier turbo propeller types. Kind of scary but given the size of the airport and the distance from Manila, it sure is a fine alternative for long bus rides.

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