Dec 17, 2011

Wanted : Postcard Recipients

It just hit me that I want to experience the feeling of sending postcards. In our times where communication is just a matter of a touch of button, sending snail mails is becoming a thing of the past. Before this practice becomes long forgotten, I will try to send 9 postcards in total during my upcoming Christmas trip. This is also my way of thanking my readers. :)

If interested, please leave a comment stating your name and desired mailing address. I will not publish your comments. If there are more than 9 interested parties, then I will try to select just 9 through a raffle.

I will fly on the 25th, and will return on the 31st. Please have your entries in before my flight so I could have the list ready before I leave.

PS: this was also an idea sparked when a blogger from Oz asked for my mailing address so she could send me a postcard for Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

Since there had been a low turn-out of interested parties, this is going to be on a first-come first-served basis. Here is the list of the future recipients of the postcards, divided in 3 batches since I will be in 3 provinces in my 7 days of backpacking.

Batch 1
1. Archie Q.
2. Restie T.
3. Cory J.

Batch 2
1. Aleah T.

Hope to do this on a regular basis with my travels.

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